Our 9 Step Process

01 Consultation

This initial consultation forms the basis for the office relocation project. An office move can be a very complex process and we aim to make this as simple as possible. The initial consultation can be held at your offices so we can fully understand your requirements and how your current office functions, or off-sight at a time and place convenient to you. We will assess all aspects, both good and bad, to get a full idea of your future requirements. We will also conduct a full review of your existing lease, so all exit costs, timescales and any concerns can be covered. From here we will then create a brief of your requirements.

02 Brief

The brief will set out the parameters for the required office acquisition and covers office size, initial potential layout, ideal and secondary location, market analytics and most importantly budgets and costs. Once the brief has been fully agreed we can then move to office search, and present relevant properties at relevant prices.

03 Property Search

The search will be focused on your requirements, when you need to move and with your set budget in mind. We will cover all aspects of the search so you don’t have to spend hours contacting landlords agents and searching the web for suitable properties. We have full access to all properties across London, both ‘on and off’ market, as well as solid relationships with Landlords agents. The results of the search will be compiled into one simple document, so you can make an informed decision as to which properties you wish to inspect.

04 Property Inspection

Once a suitable list of properties has been established, we will then arrange inspections of the buildings at a time convenient to you and will personally accompany you to each of the buildings. At point of inspection, we will discuss pro’s and cons of each site, as well as potential layouts, the local area and aspects for entry. This will also help us tweak the brief to further determine property suitability. There is no limit to the number of properties you can view and we will continue searches and inspections until the right property for you is found.

05 Negotation

Now you have decided on the best building for your company, we will advise on an ‘offer’ to submit regarding the future tenancy. We only act on behalf of tenants, not landlords, so we put your best interests first. The offer will cover term, break clauses, headline rent, rent free periods, capital contribution, exit clauses and any other aspects required to make the lease terms suitable for you. Lease negotiations can be a complex process and we make this process as simple as possible for you in a clear and understandable format. 

06 Heads of Terms

Upon completion and acceptance of the ‘offer’ we will arrange for the Heads of Terms to be drafted. We will fully review these on your behalf so that all aspects are covered and that everything is in order prior to submission to your legal representatives. We aim to cover off any points at this stage that could arise later in the legal proceedings, to reduce your potential legal costs and time spent on completing the head lease and terms.

07 Legal Process

The Heads of Terms will be passed to your lawyer so that the head lease process can begin. We will be beside you throughout this process to answer any questions, advise on any concerns, and regularly chase to make sure all timescales are met. On average it will take between four to six weeks for a head lease to be drafted and signed and our main priority is that this runs smoothly and that you are fully aware of what you will ultimately be signing for.

08 Occupation

Once all the legals have been completed (exchange), deposits and initial rent paid (completion), you will be able to occupy your new office space. Along with all of the above processes we operate a project management service to advise on fit out, IT connectivity, voice functionality and every other element in the occupation process. 

09 Post Completion

Once you have occupied your new office space, we will maintain six monthly contact to ensure you are happy with everything. If you have any issues, part of our after care process is to help you with the landlord, to get these resolved as quickly as possible. We will also discuss with you your future plans, advise you of any breaks coming up in the lease, offer a lease renegotiation service if required, and hopefully at the end of your lease assist you with a further office move again.

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